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    Minecraft – Pocket Edition Crack (Mac) Free Download

    Apr 30, 2023

    Minecraft Pocket Edition Crack (Mac) Free Download

    Minecraft Crack is a major update that is quite interesting and elaborate, as far as the Nether is concerned. Previously, the developers hinted that they planned to make changes to this dimension, but players couldn’t even imagine that it would be that big and interesting. Because now you can go to this dimension and re-explore everything.

    Minecraft – Pocket Edition Crack (Mac) Free Download

    We have tried to collect all the information about the new update and now we are ready to share it with you. We are sure that all this will be interesting to you and will not disappoint you with its wealth. And after studying all the changes, we offer to download Minecraft 1.17 Cracked using the links below the news, the installation takes only 5 minutes and works on any system: Windows, Linux, macOS.

    Minecraft Mod APK Cracked Latest Features:

    New blocks:

    First of all, we would like to mention the most significant content associated with the updated blocks. Now your character can extract Ancient Debris which can be useful to create more powerful weapons and armor. This block is nearly impossible to blow up, and the ore mined from it will make an excellent crafting material. By the way, for active mining, you will need a diamond pickaxe. And if you want to melt the ore, you will have a chance to get nephrite scrap.

    Nephrite Block:

    from what we noted above, you have a chance to get nephrite scrap. It can then be used to make ingots which in turn can be processed into a block. It is a precious block that can be made not only hard but also luxurious material for further implementation of your plans.


    You should pay attention to the possibility of mining basalt. It is a new decorative block without a specific purpose. At the same time, it can be actively used as a building material or as a small addition to other blocks. In any case, there is a benefit to your application, just start implementing all of this.

    Crimson and deformed mushrooms:

    Now a new type of mushroom will appear in the Nether. One will be crimson and the other will be deformed. Thanks to bone meal, it is possible to grow large mushrooms if necessary. These mushroom blocks can be used as a trade item or as a building material component.

    Crimson and Warped Nylium:

    As additional blocks, you can find Nylium of warped and crimson types. These blocks have no specific purpose but can be mined using enhanced picks.

    Crimson and deformed stems:

    If you start to actively grow large mushrooms, then in the future, you will be able to extract crimson and deformed stems from them. They can be useful for construction and will please with unusual animation. The main advantage is that they do not burn and have naked variants.

    Crimson and Warped Planks:

    The warped and crimson planks are the product of processing the aforementioned resources. And now you can consider the possibility of making doors, walls, fences, pressure plates, etc. Do not forget that this material does not burn and this can provide excellent protection. However, for active use, you will have to stock up on the necessary resources well, which means that you will have to organize trips to the Nether on a regular basis.

    Crimson and warped roots:

    In addition to these elements, you will also find roots of similar types in the game. They can be used as additional cooking ingredients, but you cannot cook specials with them.

    Crimson and warped signs:

    And here is an example of signs of the same material. They are one color and do not burn, so they can serve as perfect indicators. It only remains to gather resources for its production and try to think about its location.

    Block of deformed warts:

    The Warped Wart Block offers only one additional decorative design option and nothing else. It is mined from the lower wart that can be found in the Nether forest. They are not generated in a large quantity so we recommend that you do not spend too much of this resource.


    Schroomlight will be available for your use now. It is generated in caves and can be used as an additional light source. It is possible to remove it with your hands, but it is better to use a tool as it will allow you to do it faster.

    Soul Soil and Soul Fire:

    Another interesting addition to the new update is Soul Soil. It is usually lit by a blue flame and can be used as a trap. It doesn’t deal much damage, but you can control the speed and direction of its spread. Soul Fire can burn on the specified ground regardless of the world.

    Soulfire Torch:

    The Soul Fire mentioned above can be used as a base material for making torches. We highly recommend that you do this as you can reach a light level of 10 thanks to the Soul Fire.

    Weeping vines:

    Another element of new content will be the strains of similar material. In principle, their function does not differ from the standard ones, but they have a distinctive visual style.

    Minecraft – Pocket Edition Crack (Mac) Free Download

    Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK Mod New items:

    Netherite Scrap:

    The Netherite Scrap will be useful for working with ingots. However, you will also need gold for active crafting.

    Netherite Ingot:

    As we mentioned earlier, we have the Nether Ingot which is useful for crafting items and equipment.

    Netherite Armor:

    Another find will be the Nephrite armor that can be excellent protection for the traveler. Therefore, the armor will allow you to get complete protection against fire and at the same time will be stronger than the rest of the armor at one point. In addition to armor, you can make weapons and tools. They will be effective and allow you to achieve your goals much faster.

    Netherite Ax, Hoe, Pickaxe, Shovel and Sword:

    For example, a weapon will deal +1 more damage than its counterparts. The hoe isn’t much better now though, it just got a little bit of durability. This is a bit frustrating but helps balance the game. The remaining personnel will be well protected from the fire and can be helpful in your adventures.

    New mobs:


    Piglins are rational and aggressive creatures of the Nether. They will attack anyone who enters their lands. However, if players wear the golden armor, Piglins will simply ignore them. You can also try using a gold bar that guarantees the ability to trade with these creatures.


    And here is the first representative of aggressive fauna. This mob is large in size and deals a lot of damage. Insight of the player, it immediately attacks him and, in case of death, allows him to obtain meat and skin. It usually inhabits crimson forests and the spawning of small suckers occurs in fungi. In large numbers, these monsters are quite dangerous.


    This major update features a variety of content items. Now the Nether will become much more interesting and elaborate. You will spend a lot of time on an exploration that will surely please you with the findings. It only remains to get used to the fact that now the aforementioned characteristics will be peculiar to the Nether and you must be very careful. Because dangerous mobs and other traps can become dangerous for you. Items will improve crafting and weapons definitely won’t give you a chance to get bored. We wish you a good trip and a good mood.

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