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    MacCleanse 11.2 Crack + Activation Code Free Download [Latest 2023]

    May 6, 2023

    MacCleanse 11.2 Crack Mac With License Key 2023 [Latest Version] Torrent Download

    MacCleanse 9 Crack is a powerful application designed to clean up your system and free up hard drive space. Fully compatible with the latest version of Mac OS X! In just a few seconds, you can complete over fifty tasks, which can take hours to complete manually. Safely clear caches, clear logs, delete cookies, forget about web histories, find old and unused files, and more. MacCleanse won’t miss a thing and can reclaim hundreds of megabytes, if not gigabytes, of storage.

    It’s the perfect solution for buying gifts, cleaning up your system after someone else has used MacCleanse 9.0.7 License Key, preparing to sell your computer, or simply reclaiming wasted disk space. But most importantly, make sure your personal information is not available.

    MacCleanse 11.2 Crack With License Key 2023 [Latest]

    MacCleanse Keygen also contains advanced features for specific applications such as Acquisition, Adium, AIM, aMSN, Azureus, Bit Torrent, Colloquy, FireFox 2 & 3, iCab, iChat, ICQ, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, MPlayer, MSN Messenger, Netscape, OmniWeb , Opera, Preview, QuickTime, Safari, Skype, Transmission, Unison, Xtorrent, and Yahoo Messenger. These advanced features allow you to choose what to remove from the app, whether it’s Safari’s autocomplete settings or Xtorrent’s recent download history.

    In addition to the official duties, MacCleanse License Key provides detailed information on each item it cleans, and can even delete files with the US Department of Defense security level. Once the scan is complete, never worry about deleting something automatically by mistake. MacCleanse provides a detailed list of all the items you are about to remove before completing the operation and allows you to uncheck any to leave them intact. Also, run it automatically on a weekly schedule with a predefined list of items to clear so you don’t even have to think about it.

    MacCleanse 11.2 Crack With License Key 2023 [Latest]

    Main Functions:

    Safe & Secure

    Powered by the security of some of the most sophisticated algorithms in the industry, MacCleanse ensures that the data you want to keep is protected from erasure while everything else is deleted! Detailed scan results also give you a full preview of what needs to be removed before erasing them. Choose from a variety of erasing types, from quick and easy to the military. Make sure your files are never recovered, even with the most powerful recovery tools!

    Incomparable power

    MacCleanse Serial Key is the result of thousands of hours of intensive research and development. It thoroughly scans every corner of your computer for unnecessary junk that can take up a huge amount of disk space! Because of this, MacCleanse apps are also uninstalled properly, keeping numerous logs, caches, plugins and other resources, rather than just dragging and dropping them into the trash. MacCleanse protects your privacy and improves computer performance by clearing the history of your websites and applications, and you can also switch resource-intensive extensions!

    MacCleanse Key Features:

    Stories from the web and apps

    Clear web and app history, cookies, caches, logs, and auto-complete settings to save disk space and protect your privacy.

    Remove duplicates

    Using the most sophisticated and secure algorithm in the industry, MacCleanse Full Crack can identify and mark duplicate file copies.

    Extension manager

    Activate or disable screen savers, web browser plugins, settings panels, login items and system plugins on the fly; download them only when needed to conserve system resources.

    Thin applications

    Eliminate problems with installed applications by removing unused language packs and stripping out stale PowerPC binaries.

    Login Items

    Identifying and disabling unwanted logon items that can slow down system startup or increase CPU usage in the background.


    Look for junk left behind by apps that were previously incorrectly uninstalled.

    MacCleanse Review:

    AWESOME developer – poor support and VERY greedy.

    I purchased this app from the Mac App Store as a convenient way to avoid the costly and frustrating hassle of developer licensing, both cost and delinquency. Everything worked fine until today, when the application started to crash immediately upon launch. It won’t even get to your main window before it explodes. I am very sorry that I originally dealt with Koingo Software, which has been one of my reference software vendors for many years. Never again! Save yourself the trouble – every time you see the name of the Koingo program, run in the opposite direction. Any replacement you can find is better than dealing with Congo.

    It’s worth it, but it could be better

    It is definitely worth using MacCleanse for Mac to free up some space. It is simple and has a clean user interface. It’s also very fast. My only complaint is that, as with everything technical, even though they go out of their way to provide technical guidance, their explanation is a little lacking for beginners. So when you first launch it, the first step is not obvious. There is a spinning wheel … is it doing something? Can I let me customize it myself? Do I dare to stop this? As far as I can tell, the spinning wheel meant nothing. So, I hit the settings button and then the scan button and everything went smoothly. But the first analysis of “what” is simply not obvious. Once you do this, from all the unnecessary files in the utility, you will know that you have to go through all the tabs. But the developers easily put some instructions on the first page.

    Do not buy!

    After repeated attempts to contact Koingo Software, this company is not responding. Please do not buy this item. They take your money and run away. Still no connection with MaCleanse. The ticket is still open, so at least it hasn’t been canceled. Still no news from MacCleanse. I think as soon as they take your money, they won’t want to hear from you anymore. This app is not compatible with Sierra.

    When started at UNIX command line, an error message appears. After selecting OK, the program exits. I contacted tech support and they didn’t help me. They say they are working on the problem, but after a week there is no progress. They did not respond to hotfix status requests to resolve this issue. I wouldn’t buy this app because the tech support is weak and it doesn’t work with Sierra.

    What’s New

    • Fixes launch bug on Mac OS 10.14
    • Recompiled in the latest version of Xcode

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