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    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Crack + Serial Key (2023)

    Sep 3, 2023

    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Serial Key with Crack Free Download

    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Crack is a powerful Personal Information Manager (PIM) software program that allows you to manage tasks, notes, contacts, emails, passwords, etc. It can store links to any files or files themselves in its database. All data can be printed one by one, or you can choose multiple entries using CTRL + mouse (for contacts and Notes), or All entries can be printed. To rotate the page, in the Print Preview Page, find “Page Setup”, or press Alt+U and you will be able to change the Orientation of the page. Each element, be it a Task, Note, To Do or a Contact can store files, relevant to this element. It permits you to print out all your information in an easy-to-read form. EssentialPIM Pro Business Crack + Serial Key

    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Patch permits you to manage almost any of your personal information easily, and safely. If necessary, the program also empowers you to sync data, therefore making your PIM data can be accessed on a variety of platforms. EssentialPIM Pro Business Full Version is a feature-rich utility that permits you to store all your significant information in a single secure place. Handles all your’s scheduling, contacts, to-do lists, and notes with easy-to-use, instinctive tools.

    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Key Features:

    Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Passwords, and Email

    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Crack for Windows has evolved over the years to become a flexible yet highly intuitive application that will get you up and running in minutes. The portable version and extensive import, export, and synchronization features ensure that you become the true master of your data.

    Cross-linked and tagged data

    Check and link any element to any other element in EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 License Key. It’s your data, interconnected. Link your appointments to the people you meet and the tasks you need to complete before meeting them. View all related data on one screen, regardless of its type.


    Unprecedented synchronization features with all popular cloud services including Google Calendar/Contacts/Tasks/Drive, iCloud, Toodledo, SyncML, CalDav, EPIM Cloud, and many more. Dropbox native support is also included.

    Multiple languages. Olá, Ciao, Hallo!

    If your native language is not English, chances are EssentialPIM Pro Business Patch supports it! Some of the more popular supported languages ​​are Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, and Swedish.

    Fully portable

    EssentialPIM Portable can run directly from your USB stick or other portable devices. All your settings and data are stored on removable media in special folders, leaving no trace on the host system. Data files can also be securely encrypted using standard AES 256-bit keys to prevent access to data if the media is lost or stolen.

    It’s your data. Synchronized

    Transfer your data to your Android device, iPhone, or iPad and manage your information on the go. Or transfer data to MS Outlook and Exchange Server and vice versa.

    Reliable and versatile security

    Your data can be encrypted with a standard 256-bit AES key (Rijndael). In addition, you can choose which data to protect and which is available without a password. Synchronization with cloud services is secured using SSL, the same technology used in your online banking. Data is safe on your computer, and data is safe when it leaves your computer.

    Easy to migrate to, easy to get data out. No lock-in

    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Activator has advanced data import and export capabilities that make it difficult for other similar software products to work. We don’t block your data, so you can move it however you want. Only a few supported data formats include EML, XML, HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT, iCal, and vCard.

    Global search
    EssentialPIM Pro Business Serial Key may be a data warehouse, but it will never let you drown in information. Never lose a single piece of information by searching the entire database in seconds.

    Sticky notes
    Still, using that little yellow sticker? EssentialPIM Pro Business License Key comes with a built-in sticker that allows you to turn any note into a sticker!

    Open-source database. Data is always yours
    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Serial Number uses the open-source Firebird database engine. This means that all data belongs to you. No proprietary formats and blocking. You can even write plugins and data applications the way you want.

    Same data, multiple printouts
    Group, divide, hide, and add data – it’s all possible with flexible and easy report printing. All EssentialPIM data can be printed in multiple layouts.

    Multi-user database access
    Need to work with other people? You can do this with an EssentialPIM Pro Business Crack. Assign permissions and let everyone share calendars, contacts, to-do lists, notes, and even passwords with other team members.

    Storing and linking to external attachments
    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Keygen will save all external files attached to items (appointments, notes, tasks, etc.) that you want to save. You can also choose to link to an external file, which saves space in the database.

    Thought-out usability

    After you listen to the user, working on the interface will make it easier to complete tasks and repeat them over and over again. The result is a sleek and clean interface that doesn’t get in the way but gives you access to many features as you explore the program. EssentialPIM Pro Business Patch also offers many customizable keyboard shortcuts to help you stay productive.

    Additional software for your data management needs

    EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6 Activation Code doesn’t just manage your information. It also offers free tools to take care of your databases: EPIM Synchronizer to synchronize multiple databases between them, and EPIM Archiver/DupeRemover to archive old items and remove duplicate database entries.

    30 ways EssentialPIM helps you manage your life

    EPIM Today:

    Provides a comprehensive overview of what needs to be done in a simple, color-coded layout. Data from all modules are collected here to provide a short and long-term perspective.
    Extensive settings to customize the display, such as displaying certain data or limiting certain periods, allow you to see your day the way you want.

    To Do:

    A flexible structure that organizes tasks into multiple trees with subtrees and leaves. Combined with advanced filtering tools, it provides ultra-fast localization of your data.
    The powerful print function allows you to print the way you want.
    Sync your tasks to Outlook, Android/iOS, or Google devices, or export to multiple formats.


    • Several views and filters allow you to localize data very quickly.
    • Flat, tabular, or tree-nested data structures, or any combination of your choice.
    • Insert photos, pictures, and images of any format, tables, and any well-formatted text.
    • Powerful sync (Outlook, Android, iOS, iCloud, Google), print, and save functions.


    Easy to read color code, day, week, month, and year calendar.
    Custom categories, quick search, make sure the data is organized the way you want.
    Templates allow you to insert new elements quickly and without errors.
    Powerful synchronization, printing, and export options let you manage your planning data the way you want.


    • Advanced printing and export functions.
    • Call the number directly from the contact card.
    • Multi-level groups and advanced filters ensure that your contacts are never lost.
    • An unlimited number of custom fields allows you to store almost any type of data.
    • Synchronization is built into Microsoft Outlook, iOS, Android, and Google. Make sure your contacts are always with you.


    • Automatically enter passwords into web forms with one click.
    • An easy way to save all your passwords and other sensitive data.
    • Predefined fields with unlimited custom fields allow you to store all the data.
    • Extremely flexible printing and exporting – choose any post, field, and multiple layouts.
    • Unlimited hierarchical groups, advanced sorting options, and fast search and filtering provide easy access to data.


    • A portable email client that always works, online or offline.
    • Full support for PGP encryption to protect your privacy.
    • An all-in-one filtering tool for sorting, searching, and filtering emails.
    • Integration with Contacts and other EssentialPIM modules for productivity.
    • Signatures, email rules, printing – everything you would expect from an adult email client.


    • Cart data can be restored at any time.
    • Make sure you never lose anything from EssentialPIM.

    What’s new in EssentialPIM Pro Business 11.6.6?

    (Released on 21-08-2023)

    • Resolved tags disappearing for emails in specific scenarios.
    • Enhanced synchronization of recurring events with Outlook and iCloud.
    • The streamlined backup process for EPIM database files to EPIM Cloud.
    • Easily rearrange columns by right-clicking on them and selecting Customize.
    • Improved support for instant retrieval of new messages in IMAP mail accounts.
    • Fixed the issue with double-clicking a reminder not taking you to the selected item.
    • Fixed the problem where related items weren’t consistently visible after adding them.
    • Various stability improvements and bug fixes.The date for events and tasks added in the Today module will now be set to the day you right-click on.
    • Quick searching (Ctrl+Q) now hides lists in Notes and Tasks without any found items for smoother navigation.

    System Requirements:

    • Windows XP
    • Windows7
    • Windows 8, 8.1
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 11

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